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For many people across the world, it’s a daily ritual to visit Facebook to catch up with friends, and the latest happenings across the world. But smart people use Facebook for business. Specifically, they use the platform to get more prospects and customers to see their products. With more than 2 billion Facebook users, it’s a fertile ground to showcase and sell your products. If you’re running a cosmetics business, you can use Facebook to promote and sell your cosmetic products in the following ways:

a. Take advantage of User-generated content to sell cosmetics on Facebook

User-generated content is content posted on online platforms by customers who have actually used the products or services. You can initiate a user-generated campaign on your Facebook page by asking customers to post this kind of content to motivate other customers to buy your cosmetic products. Research shows that customers are more likely to buy products or services if they read reviews from other customers who have actually used them.

b. Demonstrate to customers how to use your cosmetic products

Statistically, 66% of customers are more likely to buy a product or service if they watch a video demonstrating of how the product is used. Therefore, it’s only natural that you create many videos showing how your cosmetic products are used. Besides using videos to demonstrate how your cosmetics are used, you can use video to answer frequently asked questions by customers. The cool part about video demonstrations is that you can use them without having to utilize fancy effects or production.

c. Reward customer actions to sell cosmetics on Facebook in record numbers

Word-of-mouth referral is a powerful technique to propel your cosmetic products sales. You can initiate a loyalty program that rewards any customer who refers other customers to your business. The best place to start is your Facebook friends. Ask them to refer their friends in return for a certain amount of money as commission. Besides giving commission to those friends who refer their friends, you can offer great discounts to their friends who take action via their referral link and buy your cosmetic products.

d. Encourage rating and reviews on your Facebook page to sell cosmetics

You’ve worked hard to build a big following on your Facebook business page. Now, don’t shy away from asking them to give reviews and ratings about your cosmetic products. Reviews and ratings build trust, and many people can purchase your products as a result. The secret is to ask them in a non-intrusive way. Don’t offer incentives either in order to abide by Facebook guidelines. The reviews and ratings don’t have to be much; even 5 would be enough to beef up your search engine rankings. The good thing about reviews on your Facebook business page is that they can show up in search engine results when online users are searching with your keywords.

e. Targeting potential clients with Facebook ads can help you sell cosmetics in bulk

Facebook has developed tools like lookalike audiences and retargeting ads to target potential customers. You can utilize these tools and your own business data to reach out to audiences that are similar to your existing customers. This technique works in an interesting fashion. Once you have email addresses of your current customers, import the list of emails to Facebook, and this will instantly create lookalike audiences. However, you should know that some of your current customers’ email addresses may not synchronize with the emails of potential customers profiles.


The techniques discussed above will surely help you build trust, improve brand engagement and broaden your customer base. So you should start right now and create an online store, to create video videos that show up in your online store of how to use your cosmetic products, and create Facebook ads and accumulate user-generated content that showcases your cosmetic products and how you can help them solve their problems.

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